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Lucas County EMS - Want a dependable yet economical ambulance. Contact the people at Burgess.  Friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you with all your needs from writing specs to showing the latest and greatest configurations. Superior product when delivered. Service staff always at your beckon call. Could be why Lucas County EMS has purchased 16 McCoy Miller vehicles  over the past 4 years.

Al Moenter

Support Services Supervisor


Frazeysburg Fire-Rescue - "The new Medic 418 was delivered on January 6 and went into service on January 14. It is a Road Rescue Emergency Vehicles on a 2015 Ford F450 chassis... We look forward to providing service to our community in the safety of our new ambulance! Thanks to Steve at Burgess Ambulance Sales, Inc. for helping us make this happen for our community on a limited budget!"


West Licking Joint Fire District - Their new 2014 F550 Medic was featured in the EMS World Show in Nashville, Tennessee. According to a recently released article, it was quoted as being "...the best looking unit in the show." WLJFD was also very pleased with their new unit.


Rossford Fire Department - The Rossford Fire & Rescue Department has been doing business with Burgess Ambulance for almost twenty years. In 2014 we had to remount a unit due to a power train issue and also some budgetary constraints. Upon contacting Burgess about our situation, it was discovered that remounting vs. buying new creataed a great financial savings to our City. We now have a our second Medic Unit (2001 model) at Burgess to be remounted and we expect delivery very shortly. The fit and finish is tremdous and you would never know it was not a new unit being delivered for the first time. We have been extermely satified with Burgess and this process and would recoomed it to anyone.


Seneca County EMS - Seneca County EMS had the good fortune to receive a grant through the Ohio Department of Administrative Services for approximately $340,000 in 2016.

The grant was specific for the purchase of emergency vehicles.

We contacted Burgess Ambulance because we have had the pleasure to work with them for decades and have always had excellent service from the professional sales and service staff there in Loudonville.

Seneca County EMS prides itself on doing out absolute best to spend Ohio Taxpayer dollars in Ohio to support the local business owners as much as possible.

Matt Young showed up to provide us with the information on McCoy Miller ambulances. Matt has been a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process of specifying, planning, purchasing, deploying, and resolving any issues that arose throughout the process.

Matt is a young professional that takes pride in what he does, and he leaves no stone unturned, or page left blank, when it comes to ensuring that the customers needs are met.

His communication was always swift and responsive. He always returned call, emails, and questions. His attention to detail was excellent and his response times to our needs was impressive.

He did not stop providing service once the deal was done. He follows up, follows through, and understands the busy nature of the EMS business with after "normal business" hours availability. He is an excellent host, salesman and all around professional young man.

We were fortunate to receive such high quality service from all the staff at Burgess Ambulance and McCoy Miller produces a fine product for them to present to the customer.

The service staff at Burgess also went the extra mile for us, and were able to ensure the installation of our Styker Lift/Load systems were installed correctly, and assisted us in working through a few minor glitches that always seem to present themselves after delivery.

All three of our trucks are now in service with no problems and are serving the communities here in Seneca County as we knew they would.

The attention to detail and follow through that Matt Young and Burgess Ambulance provides is second to none in the industry.

We hope to do business with Matt and Burgess many times again in our future.

Ashland Fire Department Getts New Ambulance, Saves Money

By Dylan Sams T-G Staff Writer Published:


A fourth ambulance is now in the Ashland City Fire Department's rotation, after an older box was attached to a new van.

Burgess Ambulance Sales Inc. of Loudonville did the remount for the fire department. It allowed the department to essentially take an older piece of equipment and attach it to something new.

AFD Capt. Ken Gardner led the charge on the remount. He said he had heard of the remounts and had never seen them for himself. But during a stop at Burgess Ambulance Sales, he came away impressed.

Part of what made the remount more attractive then buying a new ambulance outright was the cost.

"We did it for around $70,000," Gardner said. "A new squad (vehicle) today would be upwards of $190,000 to $195,000."

About $30,000 went into purchasing the van while another $35,000 went into the upgrades to the box.

Ashland City Fire Chief Rick Anderson described the process as lifting the old box off the chassis, backing the new chassis in alignment with the box and then lowering the box onto the chassis.

"It was still very functional," Anderson said. "It was the truck that was old and not the box."

The box had new LED lights on the inside and cabinets with locks.

"In the past, we weren't able to do that," Gardner said. "That's important because we're carrying about 75 different medicines today." Some of those medications include powerful painkillers, which makes the locks important.

This is the fourth ambulance the department possesses. It is meant to go on all mutual aid calls, squad calls that deal with Milton and Montgomery townships and any calls within the county where a paramedic will be needed.

The new ambulance also has the ability to have chains dropped on the wheels in case of inclement weather.

It was important for the department to save money, as it is preparing to research and buy a new fire engine in 2018. Anderson said the department had just started the process of looking around.

Gardner added he could foresee going through the remounting process another three times for each of the other ambulances. Two midsize ambulances are used regularly for 911 calls while the other is used as a backup and as a bariatric unit, Gardner said.

"If we can do this to save here and do this, that can allow us to do more on the other end," he said.

Dylan Sams can be reached at 419-281-0581, ext. 240, or at

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