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Burgess Ambulance Remounts
A modular ambulance remount involves the removal of an ambulance modular body and re-mounting it on a similar chassis of the same manufacturer. There are a number of steps taken to restore your vehicle to its original level of mechanical operation and safety.
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Two sliding doors allow patient loading from either side of the ambulance. Positioning the cot transverse in the body eliminates side-facing attendant seats. Crash studies demonstrated the risk associated with restraining side-facing seat positions. This configuration allows attendants to be belted in either forward or rearward seat positions while maintaining access to the patient, rear controls and storage. New technologies in seating and cot mounting have been incorporated to accomodate this revolutionary configuration.

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Burgess Ambulance Sales, Inc. is a proud reseller and outfitter of the finest ambulances available on the market today. For more information or to find out which vehicle is best suited to your department's needs, please contact one of our sales representatives.
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